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Frieze fibers are twisted carpet fibers are probably some of the most prevalent carpets you'll find in today's homes. If you've ever looked upon a carpet which had multiple color strands then you've look at a frieze carpet. Some freize carpets even have two different colored yarns twisted together to create a peppered look. Not only does frieze carpet have it's own unique look it also performs well in living rooms, dining rooms and in most all parts of the house.

The carpet was created with a long fiber to create the unique looking but durable pile. This gives you both more material and greater durability ass to that a longer life.


The multiple color yarns can hide dirt small imperfections and soiling. The drawback to frieze carpets is the random nature of the fibers. Multidirectional fiber can be harder to clean, treat stains and vacuum. Therefore a good residential vacuum cleaner with a strong beater bar and sufficient vacuum pressure will take care of the frieze carpet fibers without issue.


Commercial cleaners or carpet cleaners many times will use a heat extraction system but with a frieze carpets long fibers you'll want professional cleaner with a beater brush to lift up and pull dirt and stains away from the carpet fibers.

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Product Features & Benefits;

  • Long twisted carbon fiber
  • High on the durability scale
  • Unique look unique look with twisted fibers and multiple yarn colors
  • Greater fiber twist will generally provide longer life and better spring back.
  • Long fibers take side-impact instead of top impact blooming the end of the yarn.
  • Because of the multidimensional and mix color freeze these seem together very well. They look great on stairs round post and other oddly shaped areas.
  • One of the major issues for freezing carpets is cleaning. You want to invest into a good vacuum cleaner with a good beater brush. An employee use a professional carpet cleaners to have a professionally cleaned.


The Most Asked About Freize Benefit

So what's the benefit of having a frieze carpet? The truth is they can stand families everyday use and can last years if not decades. They should be professionally cleaned every year this will continue to keep the great look of the carpet even as it ages with your family.

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