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Ultra Soft Thick Yarn Cable Carpet ~ Learn Why It Should Be In Your Bedroom

Trackless Carpeting

When you want your room to be a showpiece


textured carpet

Finely Crafted Textured Carpet

If your a stickler for tidy rooms in love to bring together a great and ensemble, and textured carpet may be the perfect carpet for you. Textured carpet is both soft and comes in a wide variety of colors and fiber lengths. The best feature of textured carpet is its ability to hold the fiber position. This stops footprints and vacuum marks from appearing readily.

Textured carpet also shows toning and shade variations and actually reflects light. This can appear as a light sheen from your floor. While it may be considered trackless it still has all of the great benefits of today's yarns. If you want your room look perfect everyday I strongly suggest you look into text carpets.




Textured Carpet

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Product Features & Benefits;

  • Smooth Twisted Yarns
  • Textured carpets provide level smooth surfaces
  • Pile hides tracks well
  • Hides vacuum marks well
  • Pile shows highlights and tones
  • Works well throughout the home
  • Easy to clean & Maintain
  • Master Bedrooms
  • Living & Formal Rooms
  • American Made


Learn To Care For your Premium Carpet

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